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Professional Nottingham Photographers

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Professional Nottingham Photographers | Candi Eye Studio offer Tailored Packages, providing Excellent Value for Money. CandiEyeStudio Nottingham is operated by the company C.E.O James Sullivan. James has over 25 years experience in Professional Photography & is a Multi Award winning Published Professional. The company candieyestudio was started by James in 2012 and has grown exponentially since with branches in Leeds, Lincoln & Derby. By hand picking all his Team James assures the Very Finest in Modern Digital Imagery at Prices Any Purse Can Afford. Whether at our Nottingham Studio, A day Studio or on Location. Our Professional Photographers utilize the latest Specification in Canon Equipment and Adobe Editing Software,  providing Perfectly Finished Pictures of Distinction. We pride ourselves in providing Images Ready for Commercial Print or to Dazzle any Mantle Piece! Our Photoshop Services are Complimentary and are carried out after Consultations with the Client, to Ensure the Total Satisfaction you'd expect from a Professional Photographer!

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