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Google 360 Business Views are here!


Candieyestudio has recently Teamed up with Google to take the Google Maps Street View project further!

360 Business Views are here & Now Business and Customers can enjoy the benefits of a Google Trusted Business Sphere. What is a Business sphere? Well its exactly the same as the little car driving around mapping our streets. What’s different is this can now Step Inside Your Business. Offer your potential customers a chance to step inside! By allowing them to pop in and have a look around. You give them the peace of mind that they have the right place.

Only Google Trusted Photographers are permitted to upload onto Google 360 Business Views / Maps. They are required to follow Strict Quality Control Guidelines in order for the work to be published. The future face of Google is Changing giving more Premise to Reviews. We kit you out with everything you need to Manage your Google presence easily.

Virtually 90% of the United Kingdom uses Google to resolve their searches and Now searching is changing to be more customer friendly. Maps are being further integrated into the engine with Pano Spheres and Reviews taking a Big Places on the Podium! The Principle is to Provide Clearer Information to your Products / Premises and Services. This is by far not to hinder the smaller operator rather  than give them and equal standing with corporate entities they may be in competition with. This is about You, Your customer Service, Your Food, Your Drink, Your Smile. Whatever makes You stand out from the crowd, Rather than a £10k Website with Webmasters providing Top positions!

No webmasters required

Monthly fees over 14000 visits

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