Harborough at War 2019 – Galleries now Open

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The Harborough at War 2019 – Galleries have now been edited and are available to view. Colin & James both had a great time at the event. We hope to attend again next year to capture the fantastic show and its wonderful characters. Many thanks again to Steve, Stinky Pete, Colin, Jenni, Milly, Holly and many more.

Colin & James are Professional Photographers and require payment to survive. As such we have priced the Harborough at War 2019 – Galleries to best represent their cost recovery. Pictures purchased containing any one of the Models will also see them paid accordingly. Event organisers, Contributing Stallholders and Models will, of course, receive a download code. Please contact James for more details on how to obtain one.

Persons wishing to be removed from the collection are required to contact the studio in writing. We will, of course, do our best to tend to any reasonable requests made.

If any persons would like some further Photoshop to their respective Image/s. Contact the Studio with details of the Event and Image Number. Alternatively, you can use the Commenting system on the Gallery page to leave us direct messages.

Images used for commercial any uses must have the relevant Copywrite release generated on download. Please respect our work by paying our Copywrite fees