Photoshop & Lightroom – why we use them

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The Quick about Photoshop & Lightroom

Photoshop and Lightroom are essential to a modern Photographers toolbox. Modern cameras capture details like never before and everybody wants to look their best. We provide minor corrections and colour corrections as standard to adjust for this. Blemish removal is entirely at your discretion, however, we reserve the right to colour correct. Our Photographers use the RAW format. Colour corrections must be made for the best results!

  • Cameras and Lenses are more sensitive than ever. That scar or blemish you have been hiding for days or years will stand out a mile.
  • To attain the best possible Images, we shoot in a process called Camera RAW. (This makes flaws stand out even further).
  • Lightroom is used to quickly batch projects and make quick adjustments prior to Photoshop or Publication.
  • Photoshop is completely different from the editing done on your Mobile Phone. Gaussian blurring every shot just starts to look like you have broken your Phone.
  • Look and Feel 10 years younger by removing those Age spots, wrinkles, varicose veins, acne and more.

The Long about Photoshop & Lightroom

In this day and age, there is lots of talk about Photoshop. For or against all Modern Imagery Has to go through processing to achieve the highest possible results. There are a number of factors I shall outline here to help you understand why we use it.

Both programs have their uses, but neither is a press a button and it does it for you. Photoshop Images take between 20mins and 2 Hours per Image for High-End finishes. This is why we batch process in Lightroom for you to make your choices before we use Photoshop.

It is possible for you to Look and Feel 10 years younger by removing those Age spots, wrinkles, varicose veins, acne and more.

Scars, Old Tattoos, Skin conditions and more can prevent many people from having Professional Photos. Some people love them and see them as badges of honour. Either way, skin conditions, Tattoos and more can be removed or enhanced quickly and easily.

Artistic Styles are usually the Artist choice, However, the Photographer will discuss this with you prior to editing. We respect your wishes and nothing is carried out without your approval.

The Conclusion

It’s every person’s right to feel good about themselves. A good picture speaks a lot about who you are, so give it a good voice. Posting a Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin Photo will never have felt so good!

Contact one of the Team a call today to discuss how we can make your Image better. Go on… You deserve it!

James – CES