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Professional 360 Business Photographers – Candi Eye Studio are now Shooting Google Business Views. Since the Google Maps project began back in Novenber 2005. It has become an ever increasing player in our day to day lives. Now Google business views are taking the project further by allowing Businesses to not only advertise.. But take customers on a virtual tour of their Premises. Since April 2016 the New face of Google is being rolled out with Reviews / Tours & Maps appended to your Business  views Listing. How does this affect me? We have all been in a restaurant or similar and looked around thinking.. Well this isn’t like the photos? As such Google as now using Trusted Photographers to visit business premises to give an assured and accurate account of the premises and its surroundings. Professional 360 Business Photographers – Candi Eye Studio are second to none in providing the finest in HDR tours. Ranging from new start up’s to fully mature corporate entities. We provide packages that are right for your size and style of company. Staff Portraits, Premises, Fleet Vehicles and Events are equally covered with ease and Professionalism. Professional 360 Business Photographers – Candi Eye Studio have a superb track record as professional 360 business photographers, with clients ranging from Bacardi Foreman Brown, Crown Plaza Group, Capitalize, Seiko, Siemens, Adobe & Mercedes Benz.

Assure your Company with Google – Google maps is used a over billion times a day for Local Business searches

Maps, Business Reviews & 360 Tours are now being integrated into the Search Engine.

Provide your Customers with a Trusted View of Your Premises & Assure them of Quality!

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    Google Verified

    Recieve Google Business Verification!

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    Google Maps

    Correctly Listed on Google Maps!

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    Google Business Listing

    Correctly listed with Opening times!

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    Google Reviews

    Manage your Google reviews!

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    Integrated Google+ page!

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    Google Search

    Boost your Local and National listings!

Watch Your Traffic Grow & Sales Increase

Don’t Stop there.. Take Your Tour further!

Upon Completion of your Professional 360 Business View. Clients can Upload their Tours directly to most Social Media Platforms. Website integration is Just a Matter of Clicks!!

Verification by a Google Trusted Photographer ensures you are Listed Correctly on Google.

You are who you Claim to be & Provide an accurate Visual account of the Premises / Surroundings.

This 2 Step Process Requires Customers to use Gmail &  Postal Mail Authentication.

We ensure your location is Pinned correctly and add it if not already done so.

Metrics are showing us that poorly placed Google Geo Map locations are causing confusion for your future customers.

We automatically correct any for you as part of the verification process.

Often Businesses fail on the Basics. Potential customers not knowing things like Opening Times could impact your Business.

We ensure you are correctly listed with opening times, website links, panoramic tours and photos.

This is quite often asked about by our clients. Google reviews are Independent reviews written by Customers.

Sometimes a Client isn’t quite so happy so we provide you with the means to Comminicate with them.

You review and approve your reviews easily using the Google Android or IOS Apps

A visit by a Trusted Google Photographer assures your Business with Google.

Provide Parity to your Present / Potential Clients by allowing them to come in and take a look around.

Businesses using the service will also see a Marked Increase in their Local and National rankings.

Don’t Stop There!

Upon Completion Clients can also Easily upload their Tour to Most Social Media Accounts at.. NO EXTRA COST

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each Sphere takes about 3 – 4 minutes to complete with a small business constellation usually completed within an hour or so.
Yes you can continue to trade provided you alert your customers as to what is happening.
Google automatically blurs faces. Please speak to a member of the team regarding staff.
Please ensure you are open, clean and tidy. Our team will take care of the rest.
We set up the Google listing and everything for you so its as easy as Facebook to manage. Please do also ask about website services!
Yes you can add seasonal or even event spheres to represent your establishment at all times of the year.

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