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Professional Event Photographers | candicyestudio - Are available to attend any Event such as Birthdays, Social Gatherings, Christenings and More! We are also Available for Managers of Clubs and Bars to Book for Candid or Promotional

Please Contact a member of the Team on 07805687445 or email who will be able to assist you further. We can provide coverage In many different manners and as such this would need to be discussed in person with a member of the Team.

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Professional Event Photographers | Candi Eye Studio - Offer Affordable Quality Services starting from just £299.99 for a Birthday party, Bar Mitzvah or Christening. (Nottingham based on a 3 Hour basis). Please Note this is for Service Only, Photographs are purchased separately from our Collections Website. Please note our Terms & Conditions. We also provide Promotional services to Bars and Night Clubs, contact a member of the team for help.

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Candi Eye Studio only provide Quality Assured
Professional Photographers
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