Professional Family Photographers

Professional Family Photographers – Candi Eye Studio are second to none at providing Unique and Quality Family portraits. Whether at our Nottingham Studio or on Location in the UK or Europe. We create Unique, Artistic & Stylish Portraits. Our prices start from just £99 per person which is also inclusive of Prints in our Great Value Package Deals. What’s more we aim to be Fast! We liase with you prior to your arrival to Ensure your Set and Lighting is Ready to Go! Our Make Up & Hair stylists (if you have booked one) give you a quick workover before sending you down to the Studio as each of you are Ready for Individual Portraits before finishing with Groups. ‘Voi La’ your shoot is completed.. You can make your Print, Finish, Style & Book selections straight away or wait to see the First Proofs if you don’t have much time on your hands. Candi Eye Studio Photographers and Staff trained and Insured as Standard to offer Peace of Mind. We strive to make our Studio as Child friendly as possible however we are Completely Insured should the worst happen.

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We provide Photos Inclusive of your package deal (Please see the list above). Additional Photos & Prints can be ordered on request.

We provide Digital copies of all your purchased prints. These are pre-sized and sharpened for screen or Print, with a CD hard copy for back up

After our post production process, Your photos are uploaded to a secure file on our website. Customers can then view and make their selections for print. Printing is then carried out by the UK’s Top photographic printers.

Make up artists are not required. However A trained artist will be able to make the most out of your features for photography.

Hair Stylists are not required for a shoot. However it is easier to attain the looks and styles required for fully professional images.

We welcome you to bring your own stylists to your shoot. Cani Eye Studio can also supplythe finest freelance professionals available on request (please allow 7 days notice)