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Available 7 Days a week, Please call 07711053985 or email for further enquiries.

Professional Fashion Photographers - Candieyestudio. Have a Proven track record in High Fashion, Catalogue & Editorial Photography. Our Fashion Photographers are trained and accredited by the Society of International Fashion & Glamour Photographers. We undertake all projects with diligence and professionalism. Our clients include Mercedes Benz Fashion, Red Tower, Aggilato and Many more. No project is too small or too large so contact a member of the Team for more Information on how we can help you!.

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Professional Fashion Photographers | Candieyestudio - Provide Fashion services for all Major & Small events. Our Team have worked with Mercedes Benz Fashion, Red Tower, Argotti, Conde Nast UK and Many More. Please contact a member of the team who will discuss your required coverage options. Please Note* That Candi Eye Studio require Accreditation from your Press Office to ensure good coverage.

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Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers

LSIFGP Accredited

Members of the LSIFGP for 10 Years. SWPP

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Members of the NUJ for 10Years. NUJ