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Firstly, We are safe, Qualified, Professional Ladies Portrait Photographers in Nottingham. Therefore our Photographers are all screened and background checked to ensure Your Safety. Secondly, we provide a Professional service whether at the Studio or at the Location of Your Choice. Our goal is to provide you with the finest in Quality Imagery for you to be Proud of in the Years to come. Thirdly, we are discrete and Will Not provide any details about your shoot or Photoshop service unless cleared with you first. Please, speak to a member of the Team for a No-Obligation Consultation & Quote. Above all we wish to provide you with the Best Possible Services.

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Secondly, Candieyestudio always provides Professional Ladies Portrait Photographers. However, We are always listening to Your Ideas and work closely with our clients to attain the best Possible Results. Above all, It is your time and we want to give you Photos to be proud of. Our Professional Photographers always liaise with our clients prior to shooting. In Conclusion, this ensures perfect lighting set upon arrival. Saving time gives us the opportunity to concentrate on the most important thing... You! A Ladies Portrait should be Unique.  Capture your Character / Style that is as unique to you as your fingerprint. Trust In Our Photographic Artists to Capture Your Inner Beauty!

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Thirdly, Our Ladies Portrait Photographers in Nottingham believe that every Lady deserves the Best!. As such we take your Images and process them for the best results. This doesn't mean heavy, blurry finishes. In fact, you won't be able to tell the difference at all. However, This process is entirely at your discretion. Our Portrait Photographers will listen. We can also advise alternatives such as soft lighting. Our Team will do their very best to ensure your complete satisfaction. However, If Heavier Photoshop is required for the removal of scars & tattoos. Please, consult your Photographer. In Conclusion, The Members of the Team will always assist in your Perfect Ladies Portrait. Call or email us now for a 'No Obligation Quotation'.
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Candieyestudio selects the finest Portrait Photographers to join the Team. We Background check all applicants to ensure they are ALL of an Acceptable standard. We believe in our client's safety and will always go the extra mile to ensure you are always safe and comfortable. Clients are encouraged to bring a friend or chaperone in order to ensure their safety.
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