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Professional Portrait Photographers | Candi Eye Studio Provide the foremost In Portraiture. Whether you just wish to capture some great Images for fun or for professional purposes, We provide a service that is right for you. Candi Eye Studio are Professional Portrait Photographers & we tailor our services to give you a Unique, Stylish, Professional Image. Capture what you want to say with a Professional Portrait. Professional Portrait Photographers | Candi Eye Studio  Always offer Affordable Quality Portraits starting from just £99 (oap / minor), right through to Superb VIP Portrait Sessions. All VIP portraits are Inclusive of a Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist provided by ‘The Gallery’ Arnold with complimentary Champagne and Canapes! 

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Professional Portrait Photographers | CandiEyeStudio offers the finest in Digital Photography. From either Home or our Studio, we tailor your Portrait to allow your style and Personality to shine through. Standard & VIP packages consist of Photoshop + Super enhanced Protective Photo papers. VIP packages are tailored to your preference giving you the ultimate Portrait day!! We provide a consultation for Photoshop to reduce the Signs of Ageing, Remove Spots or tattoos, Enhance Colours or even Lose Dress Sizes inclusively! The consultation usually takes about 15 minutes. Prints are selected via our website and are delivered to your door within 10 working days. We tailor all of our shoots to suit. Let’s get started on yours today!

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