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Mens Portraits

Professional Portrait Photographers | Candi Eye Studio - Tailor excellent Mens Portrait services. Whether you just wish to capture some great Images for fun or for professional purposes, We provide a service that is right for you. Candi Eye Studio are Professional Portrait Photographers & we tailor our services to give you a Unique, Stylish or Professional Image. Capture what you want to say with a Professional Portrait. 

Womens Portraits

Professional Portrait Photographers | Candi Eye Studio - Know that Ladies Portraiture is always unique and we find the best lighting and Pose for the Model. From either your Home, Location or our Studio. We fashion your Portrait to allow your Style and Personality to Shine through. VIP or Makeover packages are tailored to your preference giving you the Ultimate Portrait day!!

Teenage Portraits

Professional Portrait Photographers | Candi Eye Studio - Are aware that Trying to please Teenagers is always hard. Let us Help you to Help them bring out their confidence and shine. They don't have to be Model Material to come get some great Photographs. Some of the biggest Stars have skin problems and we magic all the blemishes away for a superb natural look.

Children's Portraits

Professional Portrait Photographers | Candi Eye Studio - Always Fun and Always a Challenge. There is allow plenty of time for Children's and Maternity shoots. We work fast to get them at their best and before they get too bored! Candi Eye Studio do not provide any Prop material, however, This is for Hygiene reasons. Parents are welcome to bring props for their shoot, Speak to your Photographer for more ideas or assistance.

Professional Portrait Photographers | Candi Eye Studio - Always offer Affordable Quality Portraits starting from just £25.99 (Studio based Monday & Tuesday Only). We also offer a Superb VIP Make Over Portrait Session, All VIP portraits are Inclusive of a Make-Up Artist + Hair Stylist. Starting at just £150 (Studio based Monday & Tuesday Only). Location fees are dependent, but start at an additional £99.99. Please Note this is for Service Only, Photographs are purchased separately from our collections website. Please note our Terms and conditions.

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