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The Preparations

Professional Wedding  Photographers | Candi Eye Studio - Provide Superior Wedding services. Your day is trusted to the right hands from the Start! It is Your day and we all have our own Styles, as such we always maintain a good dialogue with the Bride and Groom. The finishing touches count and we always work our Hardest to give you the Best Possible Service!


Professional Wedding Photographers | Candi Eye Studio - A Wedding is as Unique as the persons getting Married. From very formal to relaxed and informal, we adapt our style to suit your requirements. Your day is important to us and we want to capture your Wonderful day!!


Professional Wedding Photographers | Candi Eye Studio - Have you covered from start to finish or for as many hours as you require. Instead of using Disposable Cameras why not use Our FREE Wedding APP that allows your friends to upload their Photos for you to See, Share or even add to Your Album.

Your Photos

Professional Wedding Photographers | Candi Eye Studio - After we Process your photos we upload your images to our secure where you can make Your Selections. You can also build your Wedding Albums in a variety of sizes. This is usually completed within the week, Giving you something else to do on Honeymoon!

Professional Wedding Photographers | Candi Eye Studio - Always offer Affordable Quality Wedding Services. Starting from just £399.99 for 3 hours of coverage (Monday & Tuesday Only). We also offer Superb rates throughout the week for Small or Large Weddings. Candieyestudio charge differently to most Photographers. We charge for our time and customers can then purchase their photographs. By that way we haven't over charged for our time or things that you don't want nor need. Photographs are purchased separately from our collections website. Please note our Terms and conditions.

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