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Professional nottingham wedding photographers | candieyestudio offer a great Deal!. We recognise a Wedding day is one of the most stressful days of your life. Our professional wedding photographer will help you to alleviate some of that Stress and let you focus on more important things. We work closely with you in the planning and preparation stages, to ensure we are providing exactly the type of coverage you require. Our Professional Wedding Photographers Packages are Tailored to suit your requirements and your specific photographic style. Professional nottingham wedding photographers | candieyestudio have an exemplary celebrity wedding client list that grows substantially every year. But don’t be put off, we provide services to all pocket sizes. We wish to ensure everybody has wonderful wedding photographs to cherish in years to come. Whether your party consists of 3 or 300 people, we can provide Ultimate coverage with stunning results. Our Images are selected and edited in post production before being uploaded to our website. Upon upload clients can view them using a password protected system where selections can be made. Once selection is made your images are sent to the UK’s top processing lab to be bound and placed into a Beautiful Presentation case complete with a matching USB. Don’t delay start planing your wedding today by booking your Professional nottingham wedding photographers | candieyestudio.

Our Wedding App is free for all our Wedding Clients & their Guests to use. Guests can upload photos to the collection to be included in Albums, make donations towards Prints / Albums… Book Taxi’s, Hotels & More!

Frequently Asked Questions

All prints are selected, purchased and printed directly from the printers

We provide Digital copies of all your purchased prints. These are pre-sized and sharpened for screen or Print, with a CD hard copy for back up

After our post production process, Your photos are uploaded to a secure printers. Printing is then carried out by the UK’s Top photographic printers.

We do cover Ceremonies Only and we request that you contact the Studio with your exact requirements for a quote.

Candi Eye Studio have a combined experience of 70 years in Wedding Photography.

We tailor all of our packages to suit our clients and services may be swapped with our other great products

Quality & Affordability

Candi Eye Studio only provide Quality Assured
Professional Photographers
for your Event or Required service!


Candi Eye Studio constantly monitor the market to ensure
You are getting the Best Price package deals available!

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