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Google Street View

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The New System is Designed to be Friendly to Small and Large Sized Operations

Street View Trusted Professional 360 Business Photographers – Candi Eye Studio. Provide the foremost in Business Tours. Since the Google Maps project began back in November 2005. It has become an ever increasing player in our day to day lives. Now Google Street View are taking the project further by allowing Businesses to not only advertise.. But take customers on a virtual tour of their Premises. Since April 2016 the New face of Google has being rolled out with Reviews / Tours & Maps appended to your Business Listing. How does this affect me? We have all been in a restaurant or similar and looked around thinking.. Well this isn’t like the photos? As such Google is now using Trusted Photographers to visit business premises to give an assured and accurate account of the business. Street View Trusted Professional 360 Business Photographers – Candi Eye Studio, are second to none in providing the finest in HDR tours. Ranging from new start up’s to fully mature corporate entities. We provide packages that are right for your size and style of company. Staff Portraits, Premises, Fleet Vehicles and Events are equally covered with ease and Professionalism. Professional 360 Business Photographers – Candi Eye Studio have a superb track record as professional 360 business tours, with clients ranging from Bacardi Foreman Brown, Crown Plaza Group, Capitalize, Seiko, Siemens, Adobe & Mercedes Benz.

Google Maps

Google Street View

  • Correct Information

    Google Maps checks your business details & location for Accurate Information

  • Your Reviews

    Google Local Guides write anonymous reviews of your business & establishment

  • Business Tours

    Google Maps users can view your establishment to make informed decisions

Google Maps uses these details & more to measure your reputation as a Business

– The Higher your reputation the Higher your rank!


  • Google Reviews

    You Manage Your Google reviews and more with the Free Google App!

  • Google+

    We Create or Integrate Your Tour into a Professional Google+ page!

  • Google Search

    You Instantly Rank Higher in searches with Boosts your Local listings!

  • Google Verified

    You receive Instant Google Business Verification!

  • Google Maps

    We ensure You are Correctly Pinned on Google Maps!

  • Google Business Listing

    We ensure You are Correctly listed with Opening times!

* Only Google Street View Photographers can Publish
Tours to Google Maps

Small to Medium Business

Large to Corporate Business

Don’t Stop there.. Take Your Tour further!!
Super New features for Premium Users!!

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Sell Goods, Accept Reservations, Take Bookings & More!
Easily managed from your Seller Account

  • Create Places of Interest

    Add compelling Information to your Tours

  • Customers View & Decide

    Customers can view and make selections

  • You Receive email with Details

    You receive orders via your business email

In Association with Tourmake

Upon completion of Your Premium Tour, You can login anytime during your contract to create your own Prices & Features.

(Please note that Premium services require a monthly Subscription)

Quality & Affordability

Candi Eye Studio only provide Quality Assured
Professional Photographers
for your Event or Required service!


Candi Eye Studio constantly monitor the market to ensure
You are getting the Best Price package deals available!

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