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Tour of Britain 2015 was coming to Nottingham, so Colin and James attended the Burton to Nottingham Stage. We were able to take up a good position on one of the final legs at a road narrowing. Colin with his zoom lens took up a standing position behind a barrier. He had a nice arc down Gregory Boulevard and managed to get some really nice shots of the separate packs approaching. I, on the other hand, was still road testing my Sigma 24 – 105 art lens and thought I’d use its wide lens to my advantage and took up a seated position at the base of a barrier. Despite a little old lady harassing me for Photography tips and almost missing the show, I managed to get some nice close-up work. Although looking like I’m lying in the road I am sat on the kerb getting as low as possible for maximum depth. Unfortunately, it was an absolutely awful day for exposure with lots of passing white clouds and trees providing deep shadows, however, some light Lightroom CC adjustments corrected that perfectly. Colin takes full credits for the Yellow Jersey shots and I know he’s pretty pleased with them. Unfortunately again I’d set up for beautiful sky before being blown out by clouds. Refreshments were taken at The Grosvenor on Mansfield Road, Nottingham with a very large cycling community. Colin also tried the Expodisc for the first time, Again this provided excellent results on a Nikon. Very Impressed with this little gadget and recommend one to all Semi-Pro and Pro Photographers. It won’t beat a manual setup of course however if speed is the key and you are on the hop, it certainly won’t let you down. We are looking forward to the 2016 races and hope to provide some coverage there.

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